Posted by: Yanyan | February 19, 2014

SAS Workshop 2014: a Success!

The Sensibility Testbed Hackaton at SAS 2014 Sensor Development Workshop in New Zealand was a big success!

It was a all day long workshop where we introduced the Sensibility Testbed for the first time to the public. The participants spent a few hours at our tutorial session, with step-by-step instructions to learn how to use the Sensibility Testbed to build mobile apps on phones and tablets donated by users to our testbed. The process is quite straight-forward: install our app from Google Play, download a command line tool, and deploy apps on other people’s devices. Participants can easily make each other’s device beep, vibrate, and speak! They can also do background measurement of data of their interest, like WiFi signal, Bluetooth interface, battery usage, and GPS, etc.

At the end of the workshop, all teams presented their apps with a 5-minute pitch and demo. The top team was from the University of Houston. They built an app that monitors the battery level and whether WiFi and Bluetooth are turned on. If battery is low, the app uses text to speech to tell the phone user to turn off his WiFi or Bluetooth. Other teams built exciting apps too, e.g., using accelerometer, GPS, and noise data. They really impressed us how fast they can learn, how creative they are, and how powerful Sensibility Testbed is.

Here are our demo and Repy V2 tutorial page, Repy V2 API and sensor API with examples.



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